Pihla windows and doors

Sales & installation of Finnish Pihla windows and doors | Vaasa, Mustasaari

Does your home need new windows or doors?

Rakennuspalvelu Enlund Oy offers professional window and door renovations in Ostrobothnia, for example in Vaasa and Mustasaari. We sell and install Finnish high-quality Pihla windows and doors. Let the professionals take of of the window installation to ensure that you get the best out of the properties of the windows.

In Pihla window and door selection, you will find fitting windows and excellent doors for any project. And when the installation of the windows and doors is made by an experienced professional, the result is guaranteed to be safe and of high quality!

Increasing the joy of living with new windows

A window and door renovation is an excellent way of invigorating the look of your house, increasing living comfort and enhancing its energy efficiency. When the windows and doors are in a proper condition, your home feels safe and protects you from the four winds.

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